Venus' Little Stars
Multicultural Bilingual Program
Venus Lara

       Venus' Little Stars Bilingual and Multicultural Program
was created by Venus Lara in 2001. We specialize in supporting families through respectful relationships and Providing quality childcare for children aged  3 months through preschool years.
Located in a safe area in Palo Alto close to main roads for easy commuting. 


       Inspired by the Reggio Emilia Philosophy and early
childhood educator Bev Bos, at Venus' Little Star, Children
of all ages are encouraged to develop curiosity, creativity,
self- awareness and knowledge of the world around them. 
Little Stars enrich themselves day by day through play, experiences, self-directed activities, reading and daily outdoors activities.
       Our staff will spend time talking, listening and playing to ensure trust in others, mutually satisfying interactions and a positive self- concept. Our goal is for the children to view themselves as active learners with the capacity to grow and
form positive relationships and kindness with other children 
and adults.

"If it hasn't being in the hand... and the can't be   in the Brain!"                                          
                                                   - Bev Bos

Wonder, Discover, Explore.
Feel free to contact Venus anytime.                      650 714-6173
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